Thursday, March 31, 2016

Political Leaders and Divine Accountability

"Whatever the form of government, no branch of government and no person in power may usurp ultimate authority or be given our ultimate loyalty... Every leader in any country ought to recognize his accountability to the highest Ruler of all. Given human experience, any form of political power can be corrupted. But absolute power is corrupted absolutely. No human being... is wise enough or good enough to be given unaccountable power. Even where human accountability is built into political structures, the fullest alleviation of political injustice will not come without ultimate accountability to the all-knowing God.

... the major responsibility of Christian ministers is to call political leaders to accountable stewardship before God on whom they depend for their life and  breath... we must deliver the divine summons to repent to leaders who are inexcusable for not living up to the moral and spiritual truth they ought to see clearly."

~ Gordon R. Lewis
Integrative Theology, Volume 1