Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Born Weak? Grow Strong

"The recovery of a disposition to love God supremely is the richest blessing which the gospel brings. This is the purpose of redemption. By regeneration. love is implanted again in the human soul, which has a natural capacity for this affection; so that when implanted, it takes deep root. But, in the beginning, this affection is commonly feeble in all; it is imperfect. The spiritual birth is analogous to the natural. All who are born again partake of life, but not all in an equal degree. Some are strong and lively from the moment of their conversion, while others are weak and sickly. At first they give such uncertain signs of life that, for some time, it may remain doubtful whether they are dead or alive. But these feeble babes may, by means of the sincere milk of the Word, come nearer to the stature of a perfect man in Christ Jesus than those who commenced their spiritual existence under more favorable circumstances."

~ Practical Sermons